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Senior photo of me

Matthew Rease

B.S. Computer Science (Cum Laude)

I'm a computer hobbyist/enthusiast. I got started playing video games when I was a kid, which led to an interest in programming and eventually in almost all things computers.

While my original "programs" are hard or impossible to find, once I started doing real programming in C++ for the Nintendo 3DS homebrew community, I began using GitHub. So for the most part, my history is well documented.

Still not 100% sure what I want to do in life, in terms of a job. However I know it will be something tech related, and most likely involving programming.

I've been quite lucky in life, and have been able to acquire a pretty nice collection of tech, and I always love to show it off to friends who are interested, and occasionally to the public. I even wrote a tic-tac-toe game that runs on MS-DOS (see my GitHub) - and if you don't know what MS-DOS is, then I hope to enlighten you.

I created the website, and it's running on my own personal server, and while some of the design has come from templates, I hope to one day write the entire thing from scratch.


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