Black and white image of a dark street.
Black and white image of a dark street.
Black and white image of dark street.

Welcome To The Old Forge Inn Welcome To The Old Forge Inn

A Website by Matthew Rease

Welcome to the Old Forge Inn. I started this website around late 2018 to early 2019, and kept it updated for a while, but eventually stopped hosting it. Now it's back! While things may begin to change from what they originally were, this is still my homepage on the internet, and I'd love for you to browse around and check out my work.

Some people may question why certain pages look different than others. Honestly, there's no good reason for it. The look you see on this page and some others, is the look I stuck with for several months back in ~2017, but pages pages like this were created at the start of this actual web-server's creation, before I re-adopted this look. I like both looks, so I keep them. Also, my blog is based on another template I liked that I tweaked a little, but yes, I understand it looks way different. Someday I may have one uniform look, but for now a page will just look however I feel like having it look...

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