So my first idea is, simply, to try and improve how the website displays on different sized monitors. Simple enough, but the main problem is the 3 columns on the homepage and the twitter follow + google plus one button lining up on the contact page. Other than that, everything should scale fine. Except for the side bar, but that only looks worse on smaller displays. My display is 1366x768 pixels for reference. With Google Chrome.

Wed, 27 Jan 21 10:51:59, America/Los_Angeles

I added a BBS to the site Sunday March 12th [2017] so you can telnet to the site, and view a bbs 'version'. Although I recommend using something like HyperTerminal since it can download and upload files using the proper protocols. But I plan to at some point add dial up support. Now I'm running this out of my home, so I'll only allow certain people to use it, and that would also limit to one node at a time... so don't get your hopes up. Maybe in the next 4-6 years I'll be able to set up a dedicated dial-up bbs service.

Wed, 27 Jan 21 10:51:59, America/Los_Angeles

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