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Welcome to the blog, unlike the news, this is purely random and unimportant, so this is purely for leisure.


HEY! You probably forgot I existed... I probably forgot too... Anyway, I'm back, and with more stuff on the site. Here's a breakdown:

  • Games Page Added. [Already existed, but no links on site.]
  • My 1946 Game ported to HTML5 and downloads provided.
  • Oh yeah, and one small thing you probably didn't notice... The site looks different.
Fri, 11 Aug 17 20:45:20, America/Los_Angeles

I just added a new feature! Important Posts. No matter what, you will see them in the post feed, but if you only want to see the important ones, you can click Important Posts over in the side bar, to filter out the important posts. This is purely for convenience, and I hope it helps you because it was surprisingly hard to do. But enough self loathing, have fun browsing!

Fri, 24 Mar 17 13:22:13, America/Los_Angeles

For those who haven't noticed, trying to implement the page feature from this page, on the "Forgery" page. But instead of "important" and "normal" posts, it will have dates. (Like your typical blog). the default is all (all posts from any date, in order of most recent of course.), and you can select a month (not a year, just a month... don't know why I did that.). It will then filter out all of my ideas by month. And of course, just like this page, it will dynamically create page numbers.

Sat, 25 Mar 17 22:20:28, America/Los_Angeles

I'm currently taking AP Computer Science in High School, and we're starting a unit on Networking. I've decided to start up my web server again, and use it for whatever I might want to. I also reinstalled the server software (again? apparently I did this once already...), for 2 reasons: I wanted a clean install, and I was getting a lot of outbound traffic, and I think the server had been compromised in some way. Things are pretty much business as usual though, and there isn't much that has changed.

Sat, 17 Nov 18 17:30:19, America/Los_Angeles

I finally got the site back up after the down time. Was actually a simple fix, in a file I forgot about. So that was annoying, and while trying to figure it all out, I actually reinstalled the server software, so some things might not work for a short time, while I re-do everything. And for those who haven't noticed the Bar was reset.

Thu, 23 Mar 17 15:04:48, America/Los_Angeles

Minor update: The page thing wont have to be maintained by me anymore thankfully. I programmed it so it will take the amount of posts, divided by 20 (plus one for rounding) and it will loop and display a new page number for each time. [Technical term: For loop in PHP]. This does mean though, that when there are 20 posts (one page) it will have the option for 2 pages, although I might be able to fix that by adding .999(etc) or some similar number instead of 1. But I won't make an update when that happens. Anyway, thanks for reading.

Fri, 24 Mar 17 13:55:01, America/Los_Angeles

As you can tell by looking at the bottom of the page, I added page numbers. Each 'page' will show a maximum of 20 posts. Thanks to all the good tutorials over at stackoverflow for helping me code this. I hope to regularly update this page.

Fri, 24 Mar 17 09:29:18, America/Los_Angeles

Sorry the site was down for almost an hour just now. Was livestreaming on my twitch and didn't want any latency issues.

Sun, 26 Mar 17 20:49:16, America/Los_Angeles

The sidebar shouldn't look like it was made by a three year old anymore on mobile OR desktop. So that's good.

Mon, 27 Mar 17 09:31:44, America/Los_Angeles

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